Alice and the Old Moon
Alice by Flowerlight
Alice et la Reine du Monde
Alice et le Cochon de Feu
Alice, Evening, Moon of Mars
Alice Grows Up, Goes Country
Alice in Canada's Wonderland
Alice, Moonlight, Proudly as Waterfalls
Alice, the Beet goes on
Apple Trees, Newfoundland
Apple Trees, Ontario
Apple Trees, Quebec
As the Crow Doesn't Fly
Atma Paramatma
Barn, Carp
Bate Island
Big Rideau Birch
Black and White, Noir et Blanc
Blue House
Blue Sea Bonsai, Painting
Blue Sea 1
Book of Dreams, Recto
Book of Dreams, Verso
Broken, Rolling
Buddha Circle
Conversation Piece
Cribbies 2
Dagmar's Rainbow Forest
Délice and the Cosmic Hare
Detail from The River, One
Easter, Victoria
Eclipse of a Green Man
Family Picnic on the Lunatic Fringe
Glimpse of Lake
Hare Today
Hope is the Thing with Feathers I
Jesus and Mary, People of the book
Kàlice et le voile de serpents
Kirk's Ferry
Knight Street
L'Annonciation, study - Gouache
La Danse des Libellules
La La Là, Miquelon
La Mer
Lannie Leaving the Local Cluster
Last Light
Lauriault Trail, Gatineau Park
Le Jour de l'Ile de Bleuets, Chanterelles
Les Barricades Mystérieuses 1
Léonard de Montréal, The Tower of Song
Les Barricades Mystérieuses III: Möbius
Les Barricades Mystérieuses IV
Light Birch, Dulwich Park
Looking into the Creek
Looking into the Creek 3
Man and Buoy
Many Loved Before Us
March Past
Moon River
Muskoka Pines
Night and Day, Jour et Nuit
Old Birch
Old Birch
Om Mani Padme Hum
One Love
One Love
Orange Squash
Oranges and Dragons
PEI Maple
Pitcher Plant 2
Red Chair 1
Rockin' in the Free World
Rocks, Kingsmere
Saint Diana's, Palimpsest of Foxes
Saint Diana's, Sacred Grove
Saint Stephen's, Priest Looks East
Sans Souci Blue Heron
Sans Souci 1
Sans Souci 3
Six-eyed Cyclamen
Stop, Miquelon
Sugar Gargoyle in the Garden of Good
The Force that through the Green Fuse
The Moon Rose, the Wind Rose Too
The night the moon was born
There is a Crack in Everything, for Leonard Cohen
Time I Am
Trinity Bay
View from Mt. Stewart
Windsor Willow
Zench 2